Wednesday, 3 June 2015

La Marea, a restaurant review

It is a strange place to have a restaurant, I thought. Although you can see the sea, a very busy thoroughfare, known as Avenida Marítima, which leads to the GC1, heading south, separates it from the sea. Because of this proximity, you get the cold north wind blowing towards and around you, hence the presence of the screen, serving as a windbreak. Rather ineffective the day we were there.

Why didn't we sit inside? Well, it was rather full, in spite of the time. It was almost 4pm but the kitchen was open all day. The indoor seating didn't appeal to us at all. It was very crammed. Even the outside tables were quite close to each other.

After waiting for a few minutes to be seated, we had to wait a few more to be attended to. A waiter appeared - not sure if he was the head waiter, but if he were, he was too nonchalant to be of much use to the restaurant, I thought. When he was taking our orders, he wasn't writing them down, which was fine by me. I 'd been a waiter in a past life and I had prided myself on being able to take orders without the need to write them down. BUT, he didn't recommend anything, he was quite cold, he didn't repeat our orders, and worst of all, he was looking elsewhere! His eyes were roaming all over the place. I wasn't even sure if he was listening - had to repeat several times to make sure he was!

So, a big zero for service.

Perhaps he had been busy, overworked and underpaid, but that isn't the paying client's problem.

Food was average. Honest. The tempura was basically a fancy label for a simple deep-fry, and the crujiente (= crispy) of something or other was deep-fried and I was expecting baked filo pastry. We had black rice again, the memory of the others we had recently was still fresh enough to allow us to make a comparison and the verdict was a unanimous "disappointing!" It was somewhat dry, ali-oli wasn't offered as an option, and the Saharian squid was as stiff as they come. Maybe it wasn't even squid - I wouldn't be surprised in the least!

Well, what with the cold and the insipid food, we couldn't wait to get out of the place.

They have another branch in San Cristóbal and a bistro in the next street, but I doubt I will be in a hurry to try them.

Type of restaurant: Canarian, Mediterranean
Verdict: Not recommended
Average cost: €20-30 per person
Telephone: 928 29 00 79
Website: Their Facebook page