Friday, 19 September 2014

Tolls in and out of Santiago de Compostela

The idea for the day was to do something like this:

We got to Sanxenxo all right. One word of warning. Driving in, out and around Santiago de Compostela can be rather expensive. There seemed to be tolls everywhere. Leaving Santiago would cost you €5.40, and returning, the same. Going from Pontevedra to Arcade was much less: €1.05.

Sanxenxo, Galicia
Playa de Silgar, Sanxenxo
Sanxenxo was terribly busy, it being a hot August day. Finding somewhere to park was a sweaty affair. Apparently, apart from July and August, this town is semi-deserted. Yikes. Must be depressing then. Or perhaps the reverse. Personally, I had always found the British seaside resorts pretty depressing off-season. Well, maybe high-season, too! When I see all these attractions made to be filled with people dark and desolate, it depresses me. It's different when you go to a rural village for some peace and quiet because you expect and wish for peace and quiet. But a seaside resort without people? Without sun?

That was me digressing again. We just saw the main beach, Silgar, white sands, turquoise waters... I must admit it looked inviting, but I wasn't here for the beach. It is also said that these parts have the warmest waters in the whole of Galicia (famous for its very cold sea!). I can't say if that is true or not. There are many other beaches all along this part of the Galician coastline, but we didn't explore them. Basically, there were some problems, which I won't go into here. 

So, we bought some bocadillos. had trouble finding the car, and eventually made our way towards Pontevedra. Looked gloomy, to tell you the truth. One round - and it looked like the main entrance was blocked off for repairs or something - and off we went, in the direction of Arcade.

It was supposed to be famous for its oysters, but I don't know if it was our mood or Arcade, too, looked gloomy. Stuffed the bocadillos down and I headed back to Santiago. No point in carrying on further. It was a long silent drive...