Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Restaurante Abella Romero Noya Jesus, a review

I was really knackered. All that driving the day before, the walking in the rain the wrong way, the subsequent late dinner, etc... I didn't have my shower until around 3am! My exhaustion and the comfortable apartment was a combination powerful enough to keep me asleep until 11 in the morning.

I went out, looking for something to have for breakfast in the apartment, but couldn't find any supermarkets that were open. I think I wasn't fully recovered from my exhaustion, and it was cumulative exhaustion. I'm not used to driving so much...

So, skipping breakfast altogether, we had lunch at Abella Romero Noya Jesús. After the previous night's dinner, we were looking for somewhere significantly cheaper, and this looked economical enough.

For the cost, it was a fairly decent joint. It was the sort of restaurant where you would walk out of smelling like fried fish & chips though...

No photos again. The mussels were large and juicy, the sort Galicia is famous for, the seafood soup wasn't salty as it tends to be in most places in Spain, and the pulpo was good... Service was fine, but nothing to shout about. Apparently, it's famous for their steak and chips, which is nicknamed "Crocodile" - not sure if it is because of the portion or the toughness of the meat...

Recommended if you want something basic and economical, but the competition is stiff around here. So, take your pick.

It kept drizzling on and off the whole day, and the sky was overcast and grey, to match my state of mind and body. Today was to be a car-free day and we stayed in town, taking it fairly easy. It being so overcast, it was hard to get enough light to do any architectural or landscape photography, and most of the time, the camera stayed in the bag because of the rain.

Having said that, I did manage to get some shots of people instead of places. With people shots, I can open the aperture all the way and get enough speed to avoid handshake issues, although, it may not be quick enough if the people are moving. With the aperture at maximum, one step and the subject is no longer in focus.

Street photography in Santiago de Compostela
Hold it steady now...
Street photography in Santiago de Compostela
Drizzling in Plaza Quintana
Street photography in Santiago de Compostela
Smiling in the rain
Street photography in Santiago de Compostela
That's it over there
Street photography in Santiago de Compostela
Street photography in Santiago de Compostela
Galician Wailing Wall?