Monday, 22 September 2014

Casal Coton, a review

If you walk along Rúa do Franco, there's a good chance you'll come across these ladies, dressed in traditional costumes, offering you goodies to try. Do try them! There are at least 5 shops selling them but they all belong to Casal Coton, a family business which has been around for a long time. You're under no obligation to buy anything, but once you've tasted their offerings, chances are that you'll walk away with something.

Apart from pastries and biscuits, they also sell chocolates, cheese and liquors. Most of the pastries and biscuits have almonds as the main ingredient. You've probably heard of tarta de Santiago, which is basically an almond pie. They do that, of course, but I prefer their Tarta de Apostol, which is also an almond pie, but less sweet.

They also have these biscuits (or cookies) which are just heavenly. They're called Caprichos de Santiago (Santiago's cravings). Mmm, I wouldn't mind some right now!

Caprichos de Santiago, Casal Coton, Santiago
Santiago's cravings
Caprichos de Santiago, Casal Coton, Santiago
Caprichos de Santiago
Tarta de Apostol, Casal Coton, Santiago
Almond pie (Tarta de Apostol)
Name; Casa Cotón
Type: shop (pastries, cheese, wine...)
Location: All along Rúa do Franco (see their website)
Verdict: Don't go home without some of their products!