Monday, 1 September 2014

Asturias, the land of cider, the land of calories!

The next stop was very close to San Vicente de la Barquera, and we got there easily enough. What we saw, we hadn't expected.

What the previous town lacked in allure, this one made up for it. Llanes had that quality of excitement that caught me by surprise. Had I known this, of course I would have skipped San Vicente altogether and came straight here, even though this shot I took there just about made that stop worthwhile. Having a coffee break here would have been much more appreciated, I was sure.

Ironic then, after extolling it in such manner, that I didn't take a single shot! Looking back now, it could have been because there wasn't sufficient light.

Llanes was a very busy town. It was bustling with activity and I was lucky to find somewhere to park, just by the small train station. We had a little walk around the centre, constantly keeping an eye on the time, which was moving too fast. By then, I had already given up hope on arriving at our final destination before dark, but still, we couldn't arrive too late - we might be unable to check in! There was also a beach, but we didn't have time to take a look as it would have meant deviating from the centre and we weren't sure how far it was.

So, we mingled with the people for a while, and stopped long enough to buy a box of biscuits and pastries from a busy patisserie. At least if we arrived too late for dinner, we wouldn't die of hunger! Strange that almonds seem to be the star ingredient and Asturias hasn't got any almond trees to boast of! What's more surprising is that I don't even have photos of those pastries! All the more reason for having to go back there in the future!

After Llanes, we drove through Ribadesella; I'll have to say that I don't remember much of it. To put it down will be unfair as we weren't there much. We basically didn't have any more time. We had to move on. In fact, I'd programmed a stop or two more, but it would have been crazy. And, as it turned out, the route wasn't so straightforward, but, this time, Google Maps didn't fail me. Thank goodness for that. When it works, it's a dream, simply amazing. It brought us to where we needed to be, from where we had to make a phone call to our host.

Actually, in retrospect, it wasn't the petrol station where we should have been. The one our host, Toño, told me about was the one at the entrance to Proaza; the one at which we arrived, from where we made the call to him, was still miles away! Like 15 or 20 minutes' drive away. In the dark.

Yes, it was late. Very late. By the time we arrived, it was about 11pm! Toño was great. No problem at all. We had to have something to eat and he brought us to what was possibly the only place that was still opened at that time: Bar Gloria, it was called. I think, anyway. I've just found that out by placing myself in Google Earth. Quite incredible. It's like walking down the same road again!

It was late. Photos aren't that great. But, welcome to the land of cider and calories!

Proaza, Oviedo, Asturias
Cider, sold only by the bottle
Proaza, Oviedo, Asturias
Calories, calories! No, I didn't eat all of that!