Friday, 15 August 2014

Zubizuri Bridge

Continued from First Lunch

Four syllables needed to say "white". Basque is a difficult language!

In the previous post, I referred to this pedestrian bridge as sexy. Well, as Plato says, beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. This bridge has raised quite some controversy in the past, and not everyone likes it. Remember, I said about walking on foam? Well, the original material used for the deck was glass, and, well, walking on glass in Bilbao can be, mmm, rather treacherous!

They say it's a very rare event if you spend 3 days in Bilbao and not witness rain. This was personally confirmed in my 3 days there. Rained on the 3rd. No kidding. Apparently, a lot of people slipped while crossing the bridge during wet weather, so the local council decided to carpet it. Now, I'm left wondering how the bridge originally looked!

Read more about the bridge in Wiki.

Here are more shots of Santiago Calatrava's creation.

Puente Zubizuri, Bilbao
Under the bridge

Puente Zubizuri, Bilbao
Puente Zubizuri in the daylight

Puente Zubizuri in Bilbao
In monochrome

Puente Zubizuri in Bilbao
Twilight time

Puente Zubizuri, Bilbao

Puente Zubizuri, Bilbao
From a distance
And since I like this one so much, I'll reproduce it here again.

Puente Zubizuri © Chiew Pang 2014
The sexy one

Which of these shots do you like best? Why? I'd love to hear your opinions!