Wednesday, 20 August 2014

San Sebastian, Arrival

So, this is San Sebastián. The bus station is rather disappointing. More like a bus park. You may have trouble finding the exact location, so to help you, here's a map. Go into street view to give you a good idea. I had trouble orientating myself. Damn. No exit, no entrance, where do I go from here?

So, I headed to the nearest bus stop, looked at the map on display, headed to another, which I thought might be just about right.

Boy, do I hate feeling lost and vulnerable. There was a lady. 

Hola. Buenos días. ¿Es ésta la parada para ir hacia Ondarreta?

As luck would have it, she was from that area and she was going there. She explained that, no, this wasn't the stop, really. The one to take, normally, would be from the stop across the road; that'll bring us directly. However, it's one bus every 30 minutes or so and one's just passed. From this stop, we can take a bus to the centre, then change to another. It'll be quicker.

Under the circumstances, with the heavy cases and all, the easiest option was to follow this very kind lady. It'd cost more - we didn't have any bus passes - but it'd be better than getting lost. So, that was what we did.

In all honesty, I wasn't sure if it was quicker. We had to wait a while for both the buses. The complication was we had chosen to arrive on the day of the 34th Clasica Ciclista San Sebastian, a 219km, one-day event. A Saturday as well, on top of that. This meant that some roads would be closed. This meant that there would be LOTS of people. So a short journey turned out to be longer than normal.

Boulevard Zumardia, San Sebastian
The Boulevard
We just followed the lady, bless her heart. The sighted leading the blind. She practically brought us to the doorstep of where we were heading: Calle Ondarbide.

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