Monday, 18 August 2014

Guggenheim as you've never seen before!

Continued from Ribera Market

Before long, I found myself back at Guggenheim's. The sky didn't look very promising. And so it was to be. Overcast and remained so until dark. Chilly even, and me with just a T-shirt. Any hopes of catching the warm glow of sunset were futile. Still, I ended up with scores of shots, too many to show, really. However, some of you may have interest in seeing them. Here's a slide show I've put up and, don't forget, you can also see all these and more at your own time, in my Flickr page (see left column).

Feedback and constructive criticisms are welcomed.

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Note that the slideshow uses Shockwave Flash, so you'll find that you won't be able to watch it on most of your mobile devices. Some may say that the software is not supported. iPad just displays a blank screen, which isn't very friendly. If you can't watch it, then here's the direct link to the set on Flickr.