Friday, 29 August 2014

After the Oma Forest

By the time we got back from the Oma Forest, it was late. We had to have a shower, naturally, after all that walking we'd done. It was way past 11pm and I thought I'd give it a try. I rang the restaurant at the Castillo De Arteaga, which was close to us and was supposed to be very good, but as I'd expected, they were not serving anymore.

The only way was to head out somewhere. If I'm bad during the day, I'm much worse at night. The intention was to head to town, but where we were, everything was closed. The other option then was to go to Gernika-Lumo, but by this time, I couldn't even remember the exact name of the town! I obviously went the wrong way because I ended up in a twisting, dark road. Haha, talk about adventures. It's easy to laugh about it now.

Anyway, we turned back, and somehow, ended up in urban-looking territory. Some lights were still on! Driving around the block, we noticed a couple of bars. We asked at the first one, and they told us to try the other one, a few doors up.

We were in luck! Yes, the guy said, I can offer you some ham and cheese. Yes, that'll do. At that time of night, a little past midnight, not having had anything since lunch, which was a semi-disaster and which was a long time ago, we'd eat anything! Let alone ham and cheese.

So, he put the upturned chairs back down, beckoned us to sit, even laid the table, brought us some drinks. Minutes later, he came with a plate of some cheese and a plate of what looked like Iberian ham. Oh-oh. I said, be prepared to be clobbered! I was like expecting York ham, or Serrano ham.

Anyway, we savoured the food. He brought us some bread. We gobbled it up in no time, asked for more. I don't usually eat cured ham, but even I  had a go at this lot. Tasted heavenly to all of us.

Ok, time for the bill, Let's get it over with quickly. Guess how much. €20!!!  I was expecting at least that, if not more, just for the plate of Iberian ham. I read that someone was charged €30 for a plate of ham in a village somewhere... Well, that sure was a pleasant surprise. Yes sir, VERY.

So, if you happen to be in that area, do drop in. Great food, great service, great price!

Bar Jesús, it's called. The address in the receipt says Artekalle 7, but Google repeats the 'street'. If you can't find it, their telephone number is: 94 625 1042